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From its headquarters in the United Kingdom, Team Dynamics manufactures and supplies alloy wheels to more than 40 countries around the world. More than three decades of experience in the sector and state-of-the-art facilities allow the brand to offer alloy wheels following the most modern and strict design concepts - from manufacturing to distribution.

Thanks to the highest technology, Team Dynamics can take care of the perfect tire forging, with the ability to adjust the wheels to exact needs in terms of shape, size or color - among other specifications.

The revolutionary machines of the brand are capable of turning white alloy wheels into perfect works of art, in a matter of minutes. In addition to taking care of the aesthetic aspects, the Team Dynamics tires also provide the necessary safety on the road, adapted to the most different driving styles. In fact, the quality of the tires is at the height of the world class OEM, which guarantees the use of these accessories in vehicles of the great giants of the sector - all over the world.

To turn the most creative ideas into real pieces, Team Dynamics uses the graphical silicon technique combined with modeling systems from CATIA V5 3D Pro-Enginner, in addition to the support of an advanced desktop publishing software. Thanks to this system, it is possible to produce 3D models of the wheels, as well as perfect resin prototypes of each of the products. This technique allows to visualize the style of the wheels, according to the model of the vehicle and to offer the clients the possibility of revising and modifying the design, before its final approval.

You can enjoy this cutting-edge technology in your car. As distributors of Team Dynamics tires, at OCC Sport we incorporate its wide range of products in our catalog.

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