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All the mass and weight of a vehicle rests on the suspension and its components, these are anchored to the chassis by means of the trapezoids, arms, bridges, braces, stabilizer bars, etc. It is precisely in all these joints where the Silentblocks are found, which are responsible for allowing elasticity and absorption of vibrations, loads, and impacts that occur while driving and especially when cornering, braking, and accelerating.

Standard Silentblocks are usually made of rubber, a very soft, deformable material with a very short life. The consequence of alteration of the vehicle's own suspension geometries, that is to say, there is a change in the fall, convergence, and advance of the vehicle that gives rise to poor dynamic behavior, a substantial decrease in the safety and control of the vehicle both in curves and in braking, in addition to numerous noises and vibrations throughout its operation, which can cause breakdowns in other mechanical components of the vehicle.

The Silentblock powerflex is made of Polyurethane. The main advantage of Polyurethane is the absorption of vibrations and impacts with a minimum level of elasticity, the impassivity to sudden changes in temperature, the perfect tolerance to oil and grease, etc., and all this without requiring any type of maintenance and/or greasing. Due to these qualities, Polyurethane becomes the ideal material for the construction of Silentblock.

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