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QUIXX headlight restoration kit Headlight treatment polishing + headlight sealing. Dullness and yellowing drastically reduce the brightness of the headlights! Restricted vision and perceptibility become a risk for all motorists. The QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit provides a quick, permanent and reasonable remedy. This is demonstrated by the excellent results in various international magazine product tests. Polish headlight features and benefits: Eliminates yellowing, dull areas and light scratches and thus provides transparent headlight lenses Increases safety while driving due to perfect light and thus improves the vision and "be seen" Improves the optics and therefore the retention of value of the vehicle. The app saves costly headlight repair or replacement. The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for the application Superior effect due to PDT (Plastic Deformation Technology) Headlight sealing features and benefits: Provides a durable protective layer. Increases resistance to scratches and yellowing. Over time, the sun, pollution, acid rain and salt turn the plastic lens of the headlight yellow, dull and opaque. Matte headlights present a serious safety risk. Its luminosity is significantly reduced and eyesight when the darkness becomes poorer and poorer. That means a risk for all motorists! In addition, naturally, the clear and well-maintained headlights also contribute to the appearance of the vehicle and thus to the retention of value. Using the QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit, the matte and yellow headlights are restored like new! The kit contains everything that is required for a professional result. The app saves an expensive workshop visit, or even a costly headlight replacement. The headlight sealant, also included in the headlight kit, provides complete headlight protection. Its unique formula provides a durable and weather resistant coating, highly polished against environmental influences. Plus, the soft, pollution-repellent seal keeps the headlight cleaner for longer. Applied regularly, the UV protection it contains significantly helps prevent the headlight from turning yellow and cloudy again.

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