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GENERAL: OCC Motorsport Magic Foam Shampoo in 500 ml bottle, highly concentrated for exterior cleaning of cars, motorbikes, etc. (suitable for all types of vehicles). Active shampoo to be applied under pressure, with high foaming power, which incorporates natural pink pigments. The special formulation of this car wash shampoo allows the formation of a creamy, stable, bright pink foam with excellent detergent and lubricating properties. This will provide an attractive visual effect in your applications (the chosen colour of the product is independent of the colour of the vehicle).

METHODS OF USE: Foaming car shampoo especially suitable for use in manual system with spray pump or Kärcher with lance with bottle connection socket. Steps to be followed:

1. Select the most suitable type of nozzle according to the type of foam you want to apply and mount it on the pump (very dense, medium and light foam).
2. Add 100 ml of car shampoo to the spray pump bottle and fill with water up to 1 litre. Wear gloves.
3. Close the bottle tightly over the pump to prevent air leakage and shake.
4. Raise and lower the handle until the discharge valve produces an air release, which will indicate that the pump is charged to the correct air pressure (2.5 bar) to spray the foam (VERY IMPORTANT).
5. Point the pump towards the area of the car and press the button on the pump handle to spray the foam.
6. Cover the car with foam by filling as many times as necessary and always apply the foam at the correct pressure (2.5 bar). The absence of pressure in the pump will result in the absence of foam.
7. Leave to act for a few minutes.
8. Rinse with water.

1. Fill the lance bottle with Magic Foam car shampoo. The bottle is screwed to the lance. Wear gloves.
2. Start the Kärcher connected to the water supply and adjust the type of foam with the nozzle regulator (very dense, medium and light foam).
3. Apply under pressure to the surface of the vehicle.
4. Cover the car with foam as much as desired.
5. Leave to act for a few minutes.
6. Rinse off with water only (by overriding the Magic Foam shampoo intake with the nozzle regulator).

The foam obtained by applying the shampoo to the exterior of the car acts as an active pre-wash, helping to dissolve the typical dirt adhering to the surface of the vehicle, which helps to keep them clean while preserving the condition of the vehicle's bodywork. Apply to cars with a good iron condition. DO NOT apply to cars with aged, sun-damaged or tinted bodywork, as they may stain. In the event of tinting, the colour can be removed in the following way:

1. Mix 5 litres of water with 0.5 litres of household bleach.
2. Spray this mixture on the stained area and leave it to act.
3. Apply soap and rinse with water.
4. If the dirt is very adherent, it may be necessary to wipe with a washing glove after applying the foam.

STORAGE: Observe label directions. Car shampoo should be stored between 5 and 35°C, in a dry, well-ventilated place, away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Keep away from ignition points, oxidising agents and strongly acidic or alkaline materials. Keep in the original containers always closed and place them vertically to avoid spillage.

PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES: Car foaming shampoo with pink liquid appearance. Density: 20ºC (1,000 g/cm3); pH: 20ºC (7 (1%)).


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