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Car diesel treatment that improves the cetane number and compensates for the lack of lubrication in sulphur-poor fuels. Prevents corrosion, oxide formation and reduces black smoke.

Diesel injector treatment that cleans and protects the entire injection system (injectors, valves, pump, combustion chamber, etc.) by removing deposits, gums, carbon deposits, varnish, etc. Increases the cetane number to improve the engine's nerve and power.

Diesel engine antifriction treatment that prevents injectors and pumps from seizing by eliminating the water contained in the fuel.

Diesel treatment additive that reduces engine noise and wear thanks to its lubricating qualities. Reduces exhaust fumes and gases and helps to pass the technical inspection (pre MOT diesel treatment).

Reference: OCC49002

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190.00cm Width x 10.00cm Height x 55.00cm Depth