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GENERAL: Keep your car's engine safe with this pink antifreeze 5 litres 10% -4°C from OCC Motorsport, suitable for any motor vehicle. Improved formula, tested in competition. This pink antifreeze coolant is very convenient to carry in the car so you can use it whenever you need it. It improves visibility and increases safety and comfort when driving.

FORMULA: Pink car coolant formulated with ethylene glycol and anti-corrosion and anti-foaming additives. Additive with organic inhibitors that give it excellent protection against corrosion of all metals, especially aluminium and other light alloys present in engine cooling circuits. This pink antifreeze colant can be used in all types of cooling circuits.

RECOMMENDATION: The high stability of the organic inhibitors used reduces their degradation, so that circuit protection can reach 650,000 km (8,000 h) for heavy vehicles, 250,000 km (2,000 h) for light vehicles and 32,000 h (or 6 years) for stationary engines. However, it is recommended to change all pink coolant after 5 years even if these mileages have not been reached.

BENEFITS: A specially formulated engine coolant for high performance vehicles. It improves heat exchange efficiency, efficiently protects the cooling system against corrosion, protects the water pump, prevents cavitation, overheating, loss of power and mechanical problems. This pink car coolant is safe for gaskets, plastic parts, magnesium, aluminium alloy cases, copper and bronze.


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