How to choose the most suitable work shoes?

How to choose the most suitable work shoes?

First of all ...

Before thinking about buying work shoes, we have to be clear about what job we want, since not all work shoes are suitable for any job.

In the following table, we find the different specifications with which the European standard EN ISO 20345: 2011 classifies the different footwear:

The most common footwear are those that are indicated as S1P which, as indicated, have a toe cap and anti-perforation insole. These shoes are made of more breathable fabric and are the ones that would be used in type work:

- Logistics and warehouse

- Transportation (as long as you don't work with sharp or sharp materials)

- Work and construction

- Security guard, Etc.

- Service sector

Sparco Practice shoes

Another of the most common footwear, are those listed as S3, which in addition to wearing toe and insole have resistance to impermeability. These shoes are made of more resistant materials and also protect against penetration and absorption of water in the template.

These shoes are used in type work:

- Transportation (when working with sharper or sharp materials)

- Work and construction

- Delivery man (protects in case of rain)

- Service sector

Choosing work shoes

It is also essential to choose the right shoe size, neither larger nor smaller. The work shoes have to fit the foot respecting its natural width and without compressing the fingers. Likewise, it is recommended that you have a buttress and a rigid cambrillón. This is the name of the hard sheet that goes between the heel and the forefoot whose function is to allow the shoe to flex and avoid kinks. On the other hand, it is convenient that the heel area has a recess that minimizes friction and that the heel does not have much height. In this sense, it is recommended that it does not exceed four centimeters.

Special care with safety shoes

Professionals who need safety shoes should consider some added aspects. Thus, the toe has to be rigid and resistant, but at the same time it must be light to help the movement. In this sense, it can be metallic or plastic and, to work in hot environments or where there is electrical risk, the latter is better.

Also, this safety footwear must meet other requirements. Among them, be resistant to crushing, heat and electricity. Also have antiperforation templates and be water repellent. And, likewise, resist the effects of substances such as hydrocarbons, oils and other chemical agents. Precisely, the protection against these substances, the rigid toe and the reinforced sole are the three characteristics that every safety shoe must have in general lines. Then, each profession needs other more specific qualities.

In short, there are many hours spent working and, both for the health of the feet and for safety, it is necessary to have adequate footwear. If you don't have it, you will not only suffer problems in your lower extremities, but you will also be uncomfortable doing the job. And this can be a real torture. Therefore, it is essential to choose work shoes well, something easy if you follow the advice we have indicated.

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