MOMO Daytona EVO seat

MOMO Daytona EVO seat

The MOMO competition seats are fiberglass with upholstered finish. All MOMO seats are compatible with the 5-point seat belt. The unique shape of the upper part of the MOMO seat reduces the lateral movements of the helmet and protects the driver's head. Since 1964, MOMO has delivered the highest standard in consumer and racing products. MOMO uses quality materials from around the world. A MOMO race seat is the perfect complement to your racing car.

The FIA-approved Daytona Evo MOMO is a high-end fiberglass seat compatible with Hans®. The seat shell is visible on the back and the front part is upholstered in black fabric. The shape of the upper part of the Daytona Evo reduces the lateral movements of the helmet and protects the driver's head. It features anatomical cushions, designed to maximize comfort and air flow, and helps reduce driver fatigue during long sessions. Airnet's exclusive technical material covers all backrest cushions, the Kinder Point in the seat area provides the best possible grip and removable double-leg cushions optimize support.

The lateral reinforcements of the MOMO DAYTONA racing seat head protect the driver's head by reducing lateral movement.

The MOMO DAYTONA racing seat is compatible with Hans ©. The revolutionary Quick Dry Airnet © material covers the seat back insert. The front of the MOMO Daytona racing seat is upholstered in self-extinguishing fabric with fiberglass shell exposed around the back of the seat. Kinder Point in the DAYTONA seating area keeps the driver firmly in place. Removable double-leg cushions improve support.

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