Rally competition footwear

Rally competition footwear

Competition boots like OMP, SPARCO; SABELT, and others, is a necessary clothing for the driving of a professional pilot, they are designed for the use and experience of rally pilots.

Made of turned leather or leather with a racing style with the highest quality for the optimum comfort of the driver / co-driver.

Like all leading brands in the sector, always available and experienced in the best rally competition boots with FIA homologation that ensure the safety guarantee, as in this case the OMP brand. in rally shoes


In this case, the rally booties are essential in an equipment for the pilot or co-driver for your driving comfort so that you do not have the booty tight, sweat, scratches or just uncomfortable, so you can have wounds or calluses, so It is basic to be able to choose in suitable.

Footwear boots FIA Approval

As of January 1, 2017, any national or regional test, the appropriate footwear with FIA 8856-2000 is mandatory, both for pilot / co-driver obtaining the label or embroidery sewn fully visible outside the tongue and inside with the label holographic

The label ensures that you have passed all the hard tests imposed by the FIA with the maximum guarantee and protection in the event of an accident.

In the same case that happens with street shoes in each brand has its own design for a unique booty, with different and suitable materials to categorize into 2 groups

-Low cut, which allows total mobility in the foot and ankle, the so-called rally booties.

-High cut, which directly protects the ankle and are designed for professional drivers who are looking for a good fit to their foot, which are rally boots.

In the material factors are those that fit all comfort in general

Rally ankle boots are slightly stiffer than other ankle boots with a leather fabric, although they would have a greater resistance.

The macas that work with these shoes for professionals do so effectively in the quality of the leather, offering excellent flexibility and comfort at a high level.

Other ankle boots, the leather is perforated on the sides so that they have a perspiration on the driver's foot.

Leather back is the second most used material in competition shoes, its lightness and a more attractive price.

In occ sport we have a wide range of boots and boots for rally competition professionals, with the guarantee of the most prestigious brands in the competition market

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