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GENERAL: OCC Motorsport tire shine 200 ml. Removes embedded/adhered dirt from the target surface. It is a protective and cleaning product designed for all types of plastics, tires or rubber. Leaves a shiny finish and moisturizes the surface. Protects against drying out and atmospheric agents.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: To know how to shine tires:

  1. Shake the container slightly before using the product;
  2. Keep the tire shine upright and spray 15-20 cm away from the surface;
  3. Spread the product with a cloth/chamois, starting to clean the least dirty parts first.

CARE FOR YOUR CAR: It is important not to neglect any part of your vehicle and always use specific products for each area. This product to shine tires recovers the intense black color of the tires and all the rubber on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. It is also recommended to use this product to clean the engine compartment, including hoses, rubber, metal, etc. If you don't know how to make tires shine, we advise you to opt for this product.

SAFETY INFORMATION: Use when the surface is not hot. Gloves are recommended. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not eat. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use tire brightener for uses other than those indicated and/or recommended. Do not mix or dilute with other products. In case of accident, call the medical toxicological information service (tel. 915620420).


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