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PRODUCT INFORMATION With the brake caliper and brake caliper NEON you give your vehicle a very individual and sporty look. Permanently seals and preserves the surface and is resistant to chemicals, corrosion and oil. It has a long-lasting shine and is easy to clean. With the included base coat, our NEON brake caliper displays an extremely intense lightness. 7-piece or 10-piece set (for NEON colours) heat resistant resistant to chemicals, corrosion and oil easy and exact application with a brush no need to disassemble any auto parts enough for 4 brake calipers Use colors NEON only with included basecoat TIP: Now also applicable with a paint gun due to our new dilution. Brake caliper lacquer set includes: Brake cleaner, 400 ml and 125 ml paint as well as 50 ml hardener Steel brush, brush, spatula, 1 pair of disposable gloves NEON brake caliper set includes: Cleaner brake fluid (400 ml) + Basecoat (125 ml) + lacquer (125 ml) + hardener (50 ml) 1 steel brush, 2 brushes, 2 spatulas, 1 pair of disposable gloves APPLICATION Remove the wheels. Clean the brake caliper with the included steel brush and the included Brake Cleaner. Mix the brake caliper paint and hardening agent with the putty knife. For NEON colors: Shake the white base coat with the palette knife and apply in a thin but well covered layer with the fine primer brush. Use the second putty knife to mix the NEON caliper paint and hardening agent. Mask out all the parts except the brake caliper and apply the brake caliper with the brush. After painting the brake calipers let them dry, then put the wheel in place, done. For further instructions, please read the APPLICATION sheet.

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8.20cm Width x 14.70cm Height x 24.00cm Depth