Sparco: maximum personalization for the car

From the union of two pilots passionate about motorsport Sparco was born, in 1977, in Turin. Since then, the brand offers products that revolutionize the world of motor and become the reference of the sector. After more than 30 years, the company continues to work to provide more safety for career and road drivers.

Not in vain, year after year, millions of professional and amateur pilots do not hesitate to place their trust in Sparco to increase their protection. Recognized worldwide as the absolute leader of the Racing world, the company has representatives in more than 60 countries.

At OCC Sport we are Sparco distributors for all of Spain.

In OCC Sport we are SPARCO distributors for Spain, a well-known brand in the world of motorsport for its innovation and quality, Sparco is dedicated to the production of a wide range of accessories for the personalization of vehicles of the most different brands and models such as: and seats, pedals, carpets, light bulbs, plugs, dividers, steering wheels, belts, fabrics, handles, among others. The Italian brand also stands out for its offer in safety elements for children and infants such as chairs and elevators, as well as a wide variety of sports items for personal use such as shoes, shirts, jackets, gloves, polos, etc.

To achieve the constant development of high technology products and the most innovative services, the company invests in various research programs, capable of guaranteeing its efficiency and reliability.

One of the main objectives of Sparco is to guarantee superior quality in all its products without leaving aside the elegance characteristic of the Italian brand. As a result, the brand has achieved the most perfect combination of technology, security and elegance in exclusive products.

Distinction, maximum durability and simple adaptation are some of the advantages offered by Sparco, which ensures a unique sport style on and off the slopes.

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