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Excellence in the world of the motor may be the best synonym for MOMO, the brand specializing in car accessories recognized for the quality of its products, innovation, originality of its designs, advanced technology, and exclusive image. Inspired by simple but highly relevant values such as excellence in manufacturing, maximum product quality, total respect for all safety standards, and the highest levels of performance, Momo stands out as a leader in the sale of products for the aftermarket and car racing in more than sixty countries.

OCC Sport importer for Spain from MOMO

Under the "Momo" and "Momo Corse" brands. As importers for Spain of MOMO, at OCC Sport we make all their products available to all consumers.

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Momo: more than half a century of history

The company was founded in 1964 by the racing driver Gianpiero Moretti, when he commissioned the handcrafted tailoring of a customized steering wheel for his own racing car. Considered the first Momo flyer in the history of the company, this accessory stood out for its thicker format and superior grip. Thanks to these spectacular characteristics, the drivers of the other teams realized their advantages and also demanded the same steering wheel for their cars.

The success of a brand that has managed to make the passion of a driver come true. Initially limited to the world of racing, in 1970 the company started the development of new products with the aim of reaching a wider audience. Born then its light alloy wheels and steering wheels for road cars, which made MOMO the main contributor to world motor giants such as Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Volkswagen, and Aston Martin, among many others.

Today, Momo offers a wide range of light-alloy wheels, as well as seats, knobs, steering wheels, steering wheel cones, and more accessories designed to make cars not just a mere object, but a lifestyle. Therefore, passionate about the world of Racing seeking maximum customization for their vehicles find in MOMO the perfect answer.

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