With a production of more than 9 million wheels per year and more than three decades of experience in the production of original equipment, as well as in the aftermarket, CMS has managed to occupy and maintain a leading position in the European wheel market. of alloy.

The reasons for the great success of CMS in the market are very simple and, at the same time, very solid: the company devotes a large part of its efforts to guarantee the highest quality standards of the market. For this reason, important companies in the automotive sector such as Audi, Porshe, BMW, Lancia Skoda or Mercedes have not hesitated to include the CMS tires in original models of their vehicles.

CMS: the highest technology in design and production

To guarantee the highest quality of all light alloy wheels, in CMS they take care of all its production process, from the design, through the mechanical processing, varnishing to packaging. In fact, for more than 20 years all the tools and all the production processes have been developed by the company itself.

Thanks to close cooperation with the automotive industry and its own design department, CMS tires are recognized in the market as innovative and trendy products. Due to their unquestionable quality, CMS tires are endorsed by the TUV certificate and are present in the after-sales market and also for automotive personalization for fans of the motorsport world.

Because of our commitment to always offer the best options in the market for personalizing your car, at OCC Sport we offer you the wide range of light alloy wheels CMS.

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