The mibenco® liquid rubber represents innovation in a product of the highest quality that offers a wide range of benefits for users. From Germany, the company Mibenco makes available to customers a product that reinvents traditional painting and makes it the most effective solution for car body care of the most different brands and models.

Mibenco's hard work of investigation has as a result a product that fulfills all the needs of coating, becoming the ideal solution for the personalization of the vehicle. With the wide range of liquid rubber of the brand, it is possible to make any type of design a reality, in a very simple way, with quality and durability.

With a catalog of more than 30 colors - both in matte finish and in glossy finishes - the liquid rubber product from Mibenco guarantees the most resistant and transparent finish, without opaque appearance and with a wide variety of application possibilities.

Mibenco®: the simplest way to make your imagination fly

In addition to presenting the most effective solutions for personalization of the vehicle, the liquid rubber Mibenco also offers other important advantages such as saving time in the painting process, multiple application possibilities, among many others.

The extensive internal and external tests carried out with the liquid rubber Mibenco have shown the high quality of the product, which offers a high resistance index even after a period of aging. If the application of the painting is simple, much simpler is its removal, which allows to easily change the personalization of the car.

As official distributors of liquid rubber Mibenco, from OCC Sport we make it very easy for you to give a new look to your car.

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