Schroth Safety Products GmbH

Thanks to its more than 70 years of experience in the sector of vehicle occupant protection, Schroth Safety Products GmbH has become a global specialist in safety belts and passenger restraint systems. In fact, the company stands out among the best brands specialized in safety belts for aircraft, in the civil aviation sector

From its production facilities in Germany, Florida, and the USA, Schroth Safety Products GmbH develops and manufactures various models of fastening systems for the aviation industry and for customized niches - such as safety belts specially designed for land vehicles.

Schroth safety harnesses for Racing and Tuning

Schroth Safety Products GmbH's extensive knowledge of the best passenger restraint solutions was the main pillar of the company for the development of a line of safety harnesses for racing and tuning. For more than half a century, the company has been conducting collision tests to improve its fastening systems and ensure more quality and safety of all its products. The involvement in all these tests has made Schroth Safety Products GmbH the technological leader in racing and aviation harnesses. Not in vain, major teams and major series in the world such as Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, Porshe, FIA GT, WRC, or Dakar Rally, among many others, have not hesitated to place their trust in Schroth safety restraint solutions.

OCC Sport: Distributors of the Schroth harnesses for Spain

In addition to all the aspects related to the personalization of the vehicles, in OCC Sport we are concerned about the safety of drivers and passengers, mainly during the performance of sports-related to speed, such as racing. Therefore, we incorporate the Schroth safety harnesses in our catalog and we take care of their distribution throughout Spain. Do not hesitate to ask us about the supply of Schroth accessories or about any of our brands.

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