Foliatec: with individuality, creativity, and passion.

An individual vehicle design with innovative and high-quality products has been the focus of our work for more than 30 years. He has always shown a feeling of trends, is committed to the high quality and proximity of the client. Both at home and abroad, the versatile portfolio is in demand, which is expanded year after year with new quality products.

And true to the motto of being different, the goal is to continue to develop the do-it-yourself products, which allow motorists easy and cheap to realize the design itself. From a small accent to the complete remodeling of the vehicle - the ideas are endless.

The model of your vehicle is chosen, we cut the selected film with the help of a computer and configure it manually in an original panel. This makes it a suitable 3D assembly that allows a self-installation without folds and without bubbles even in curved panels.

OCC Sport: importer and distributor of Foliatec.

The innovative products also offers special matching tools that are necessary for the professional accessory. A training program, the basis of two stages or in-depth knowledge for the assembly of films for automobile windows and the use of the body spray film transmits, complements this product offering.

Anyone looking for a visual change or even a complete transformation will find creative products for the design of personal vehicles Foliatec

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