AEM: Admission and filters

AEM developed one of the first packaged air induction systems. This design came from his experience in tests of dynamism, understanding the dynamics of the energy of admission and racing in the Battle of Imports.

The presence of AEM in the movement of the tuner and its proximity to Nissan, TRD and Honda allowed them a unique opportunity. There was an advantage of living side by side with the runners and working with the OES engineers. AEM was able to understand both the practical and the theoretical aspects of engine performance.

The first AEM air intake kit was put on sale in 1994 as a "Do-It-Yourself" upgrade for Honda CRX. This admission proved to be the beginning of a completely new tradition. People could suddenly buy affordable cars and modify them to increase torque and power. AEM has been a leader in the development of precision-tuned induction systems since the Battle of Imports. Today, the Company's induction systems are counted in the hundreds.

OCC Sport AEM distributor, filters and intake systems.

AEM has always been the competition. As JC would say "if you can not do something better, why do everything?" This unit "make it better", OCC SPORT as a distributor, is our commitment to the sports compact market, continues to distinguish AEM from other products. Our innovations are inspired by the passion for engineering excellence, being there and getting our hands dirty. We believe that it is the only way to really understand technology enough to improve it.

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