Black Diamond: Customized solutions for your car

With more than 20 years of experience in the market, the British brand Black Diamond has become one of the most famous manufacturers and distributors of components for the car. Tablets, discs, brake fluid, metal hoses, reinforced clutches and other products are available in this wide line of high performance and clutches.

In detail, Black Diamond offers: Predator Fast Road pads, drilled discs, drilled and scratched discs, Predator Fas Track pads, 12 and 6-strip discs, rubber-coated metal hoses, reinforced clutches: PWR (+ 20% torque) , KVR (+ 30% of torque), PDL (+ 40% of torque) and brake fluid DOT4.

OCC Sport distributors of Black Diamond.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, Black Diamond's braking system components benefit from an extra cooling, since the air circulation prevents their temperature increase. Among other advantages, Black Diamond offers tailor-made kits, using the best materials on the market that - of course - surpass the individual quality tests in each of the pieces.

All the components of the brand are designed and manufactured to improve the performance of the car, add more security and provide personalization - elements highly valued by racing enthusiasts.

One of the main objectives of Sparco is to guarantee superior quality in all its products without leaving aside the elegance characteristic of the Italian brand. As a result, the brand has achieved the most perfect combination of technology, security and elegance in exclusive products.

Enjoy the best performance in the braking system, best pedal feel, safety and maximum control of your vehicle with Black Diamond.

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