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To improve the responsiveness of modern vehicles, DTE Systems developed the PedalBox, a plug & play device that is connected to the accelerator's electrical system. Throttle tuning improves the response for all vehicles with an electronic accelerator pedal. With the PedalBox +, it is also available for digital accelerators with modern SENT technology.

PowerControl achieves a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 15% depending on the vehicle, mileage and task. In commercial vehicles, the additional control equipment is configured specifically for the corresponding transport object. Thus, all tolerances of the motor-side series can be taken into account.

To guarantee this perfect operation, PowerControl is subjected to precise test methods: in various load scenarios and different temperature and high altitude ranges, the additional ontrol equipment is perfectly adapted to a dynamometer.

Occ Sport as a distributor of DTE systems as power and accelerator control units

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