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For more than a century, RECARO has been known in the automotive market for its excellent design and innovation. Thanks to this approach, the German company has become one of the best known brands in the world. His desire to keep improving has allowed him to offer high-end solutions and maximum safety in seats for passengers and drivers of sports, cars and even buses and trucks and, of course, for great professionals of international motoring.

All RECARO seat models have been adapted to the different needs and situations of everyday life: from sports car seats, child safety car seats to the lightest seats for airplanes or the most robust seats for trucks.

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How does RECARO work to develop the best seats?

In RECARO they are dedicated to knowing and analyzing in depth the needs of the users of the seats used in vehicles, offices, stadiums, airplanes, children's chairs, etc., with the aim of understanding the anatomy, physiology and movements of the body. human. Therefore, RECARO has a team formed not only by designers and engineers, but also has specialists in ergonomics.

Likewise, the manufacture of all RECARO seats is always carried out with innovative materials and the latest technologies, which allows them to achieve surprising solutions in a better seat on land, in the water or in the sky.

RECARO specialists work to provide a seating concept that meets the needs of the present and the future, combining unique features such as maximum safety, careful craftsmanship in the manufacture of their products, indisputable ergonomic comfort and ingenious design.

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