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GENERAL: Radiator and cooling circuit leak cover from the OCC Motorsport brand. It is a leak stopper with a unique and exclusive formulation with surface active agents in suspension that, without altering the color or appearance of the antifreeze, combine to cover small cracks and perforations in the radiator and cooling system.

PROPERTIES: This leak sealant protects the coolant circuit and radiator against losses, plugging leaks. It seals both open pores and those that are about to form thanks to its content of metallic and polymeric substances in suspension. It acts quickly and does not clog or clump. It is not necessary to empty the cooling circuit after use. Prevents the formation of rust and lime scale. Car radiator/heating leak stopper compatible with all monoethylene glycol-based antifreezes, including organic ones (OAT). Improves engine heating and cooling performance.

APPLICATIONS AND COMPATIBILITY: Leak stopper for all cooling and heating systems in all types of vehicles (car, motorcycle, etc.) with and without water filter. Suitable for aluminum and plastic radiators. It is a leak sealant compatible with all coolant and antifreeze additives.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake intensely before use. You should start the engine, turn on the heater and add the leak stopper when the engine is warm. Let the engine run for at least 10 minutes, until the thermostat opens.


Bet on this anti-leak from OCC Motorsport, the best leak stopper for the cooling and heating system on the market!

Height: 192mm
Width: 90mm
Depth: 210mm
Weight: 320.00 gr
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