An engine that breathes well yields more and pollutes less

An engine that breathes well yields more and pollutes less

The objective of the entire sports exhaust system, as we see with the collectors, is to eliminate the waste gases burned in the combustion chamber, as this will affect the performance of the engine. It is simply to maximize the speed and efficiency of gas evacuation. The exhaust silencer system plays an important role in this task, while subtracting sound from the waves caused by gases leaving the combustion chamber. The European Community regulates the loudness of the exhaust systems, all products have the relevant certification that proves their compliance with current regulations. RC Racing exhausts are made of stainless steel, which gives them an unquestionable exhaust quality.

The change of exhaust manifolds (from the usual smelting to stainless steel parts) allows, to similar sections of passage, the exit of gases is easier due to its lower friction in the exhaust. This allows a better emptying and, therefore, filling of the displacement, obtaining high regimes with hardly any sacrifice.

As the engines are more effective in origin, the losses of sports exhaust systems become more noticeable. A properly designed exhaust manifold is essential when improving an engine. Any cause that subtracts power or makes a less efficient combustion, causes the engine to burn more fuel for the same power. In a car, a reduction of more than 15% in its horsepower and 10% in fuel savings due to the restriction of the original exhaust system is common. The first step in transforming an engine is to replace the original collector with one of independent outputs.

Exhaust manifolds are especially suitable for boosting medium and high speeds in current cars, which revolve above 5,000 r.p.m. and rarely work below 3,000 r.p.m. In this way power increases are achieved between 4 and 8 CV Din, without varying fuel consumption.

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