Koni sports shock absorbers

Koni sports shock absorbers

A pioneer in this field since 1857, KONI provides leadership, durability and technology that improves the experience. KONI helps people move comfortably at the speed they want, wherever they are.

KONI suspensions are everywhere, from street cars to trains to industrial applications, such as bridges, being used in the most extreme conditions, including in the Sahara Desert and the Poles, demonstrating that KONI shock absorbers work when they are put on. proof.

As undisputed leaders in experience, technical capabilities and skills help develop, manufacture and sell high-quality hydraulic dampers and suspension systems for everyone. Our goal is to create the best experience for everyone.

Since 1857, KONI sports shock absorbers have been established as the preferred brand for high quality products.

How it all started

KONI was founded in 1857 in Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands by A. de Koning. The business did not start with the manufacture of shock absorbers, but with the manufacture of leather equipment for horses. Just before World War II, the company began working on shock absorbers. These were friction type dampers. After World War II, the production of telescopic shock absorbers began.

In the early fifties, KONI shock absorbers decided to play a more important role in motor sports in order to broaden the company's reputation. In 1955, KONI participated for the first time in the Tulpenrally, an organized Dutch rally with international status. The rally was only the beginning and shortly after, KONI suspensions began its path in the races, introducing in Formula 1. In 1956, in the famous Nordschleife in Germany, KONI helped the Ferrari team solve their suspension problems. The first Grand Prix in which KONI officially participated was in 1958 with Ferrari. After that, the business expanded rapidly and in 1971, KONI achieved its first victory in the World Championship, since Tyrrell Ford won the constructors' championship. Over time, KONI not only improved the damping of rally and racing cars, nor has it dedicated its experience in improving damping in other types of commercial vehicles, and even for industrial projects such as bridges.

Part of the ITT family

Since 1972, KONI shock absorbers have been part of ITT (ITT: NYSE), a worldwide diversified industrial company with employees in more than 35 countries and customers in approximately 125 countries. ITT is a leading manufacturer of high engineering that provides customized solutions for the energy, transportation and industry markets. Its legacy of innovation is reflected in trusted products and brands that include Goulds and Bornemann Pumps, KONI shock absorbers, Cannon connectors and Enidine energy absorption devices.

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