Unfortunately in your car there are scratches that damage the transparent film, but it does not go through the paint (or, in the paintings that are not transparent, the stripes do not go through the color layer). Previously in this problem was to buy a product to fill in the scratch and supposedly make it "invisible". ("Less noticeable" would be a better term for some of these products). Fortunately for car lovers everywhere, there is now Quixx, the world's first scratch repair for paint finishes whose effectiveness has been proven by the German TÜV technical inspection. It's not hiding scratches and scratches, Quixx actually softens and re-mixes the transparent layer or the color layer (whichever is applicable to the specific paint type). And it's so easy to use! ...

All customers who use QUIXX products are satisfied with their applied results. Thanks to their excellent quality, they have been recognized as one of the best, respectively, and have been highlighted as the best results in the tests of numerous media, as in international magazines.

Headlight restoration kit QUIXX

Optimal view and good appearance of the headlights without repairs that cost a lot of money. The QUIXX headlight restoration kit is presented as a complete set that includes everything you need to put an end to extinguished headlights. Its effectiveness is confirmed by international specialized magazines.

Quixx Paint Scratch Remover

The QuixX Paint Scratch Remover has had a good result in all its tests. The 2-step repair kit eliminates small scratches, and even deeper scratches, thus providing value retention and a good lacquer appearance. The experts agree on this. Find an extract from press releases about the unique effectiveness of the product.

Quixx acrylic scratch remover

Scratches on acrylic and Plexiglas ® surfaces can be removed in a short time with the QuixX Acrylic Scratch Remover (former product name Xerapol).

Occ Sport, as Quixx distributor, offers the best products in repair and restoration for your vehicle with high quality and effectiveness, among other functions of the Quixx brand offers.

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