OMP has acquired the majority shares in Bell Racing Helmets Group.The acquisition creates the most important worldwide group in the motorsports safety equipment industry.

OMP now includes the world’s top manufacturer of head protection for motorsport drivers. The new Group will keep the worldwide presence of both brands with their respective facilities: OMP’s R&D and manufacturing headquarter of Ronco Scrivia, Genoa (Italy) and OMP America’s HQ in Miami, FL, along with Bell Racing’s assets: the R&D and manufacturing headquarter in Sakhir, Bahrain, together with the centre in Ghislenghien, Belgium and the Bell Racing U.S. facilities in Champaign, IL, Speedway, IN and Mooresville, NC.

Mr. Paolo Delprato will be the President and CEO of the Group.

The operation will see Mr. Stephane Cohen, founder of Bell Racing, with more than thirty years’ experience in motorsport, coming back in the Group as minority shareholder and CEO of Bell Racing, where Mr. Aref Yazbek will be the General Manager.

Mr. Gabriele Pedone will be the CEO of all the US entities of the Group and Mr. Kyle Kietzmann will remain a minority shareholder in the US Bell entities and serve as COO.  

Paolo Delprato, OMP Racing’s President and CEO: “This is the most important acquisition in OMP’s 46 years history, and it marks a revolution in the field of motorsports safety equipment. OMP and Bell are two iconic brands with a rich history of innovation. Putting these two brands together creates the world’s most important motorsports Group with tremendous potential for the future. Motorsports continues to evolve and, with this acquisition, we are preparing to face the new challenges ahead, confident in the value we can create and deliver”.


Bell began as a small auto parts store in a suburb of Los Angeles, Bell California. Growing under the leadership of Roy Richter, Bell became a leader in safety equipment for auto racing, motorcycling and bicycling. His commitment to creating great products through a close connection with the sport, along with his trust and care for the people who worked for him, turned Bell from a one-man entrepreneurial operation to the premier safety helmet company in the world.

Roy Richter’s product development philosophy was based on working with the best drivers to develop purpose-built products proven in the most demanding racing environments including the Bonneville Salt Flats and the Indianapolis Motors Speedway.


Como corredor, fabricante de automóviles e inventor, Richter entendió que ganar requiere una combinación asombrosa de tecnología de vanguardia, trabajo en equipo perfecto, habilidad comprobada, dedicación y valor inquebrantable. También requiere mucha precaución. Como empresa de primera, Bell nunca ha dejado de buscar una protección seria para la cabeza mediante la innovación y un enfoque en el futuro. Bell fue la primera empresa en obtener la certificación Snell, introducir un sistema de revestimiento absorbente de energía, fabricar un casco integral, un casco ignífugo, un casco aerodinámico, una visera antivaho y homologar un “supercasco” FIA 8860. Esa misma visión de futuro define todo lo que hacemos y se exhibe en cada casco de carreras de alto rendimiento que construimos. Al ofrecer lo último en protección, innovación, tecnología y confiabilidad, no es de extrañar por qué más campeones han usado con orgullo los cascos Bell que cualquier otra marca.


For over 65 years, our commitment to innovative design and progressive approach to safety has defined Bell Racing. That same attention to detail continues today throughout our entire line of products making each Bell helmet unique and worthy of being worn by the world’s best drivers.

From our first helmet manufactured in a garage behind Bell Auto Parts in 1954 under the leadership of Roy Richter, to the present line, we're constantly breaking new ground in safety and technology innovation. We know that, as quick as the final flash of that checkered flag, the future soon becomes the past—so we don't look back, we keep pushing forward, searching for the next finish line, the next win in a long history of wins.

That legacy continues today with the purpose of creating and producing state-of-the-art auto racing helmets that enhance driver performance and maximizes protection.

Occ Sport exclusive distributor of the BELL brand throughout Spain.

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